How Do You Be So Short?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Senior Pictures

For those of you who may not know (I have no idea who that would be since I think most people have stopped reading this, but hey...), I am graduating in a little over a month! I'm pretty happy about it! Ines (a lady in our church) took pictures for me at a golf course that's close to our house. She's taking a photography class so it was good practice for her. :) Plus we had a lot of fun in the process! When I told Caleb I had posted the pictures on my myspace, he said I should put them on my blog. So once again, I am posting per Caleb's suggestion. Haha

I messed with the colors a little bit on this one. I think I set it to "fade" or something.

Ines actually went into Vegas to find that flower. (Well, she did get more than one, but we just used the one for the pictures.) Those are my favorite flowers!!

In order to help myself not feel like a complete snob, I will post some pictures of other things as well. :) Unfortunately we haven't really taken many pictures of the happenings of late, so I went through and just pulled some random ones.

Okay, so this one's not entirely random. I put it on here because it was taken roughly a year ago at Caleb's graduation, and I will probably be putting up a similar one of MY graduation soon. A little comparison, if you will. Don't we look good?!

And then there's this one. Does it even need an introduction? They look so amazing!!! And Caleb is wondering what the heck is wrong with them. It was pretty late at night, so we may have been starting to lose it... Okay, and I guess I should admit that Bean and I started it. Ahh, Kiera Knightly. What else is there to do at 12:00 AM besides go to Saddle West, eat waffles, and make hysterical faces??

And that..... is a crazy lady. Either that or a little floaty guy. Take your pick.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Just for Caleb :)

I'm in Redding! Caleb has been pestering for quite some time about updating my blog so I finally decided to oblige. :) I brought my school with me and have now successfully completed a week of school at Katie and Justin's house. I'm hoping this next week will go as smoothly as the past one! It's been loads of fun chillin' with Bean and Stain and Zachary, Brenda and Em. I've gotten to hook up with a couple other friends too since I've been here. Since I can't stand to make a post with no pictures, I took Caleb's advice by taking pictures on my phone and emailing them to myself so I could post them. So yeah, that's my explanation for the poor quality pictures. But really, for a phone they're not all that bad! This first one I took when I was watching Cinderella with Emily and a couple of her friends. :) Her face looks kinda chubby... She's so great!!

And this one.... mostly I figured Caleb would appreciate seeing that I have been doing some reading. :) This is the book he got for me I might add! I finished it today actually. It was an excellent book. But I mean, what do you expect? It's Dee Henderson.

Justin just took this one for us a couple minutes ago. Katie was cleaning out a closet since they're about to move their stuff to their new condo, so we decided to try on some of her dresses. :) Good times!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I have a car!!!

Crazy, I know! Isn't she great?!? Her name is Nikki and I got her last Tuesday. She is an '07 Hyundai Accent. We saw her add in the classifieds and then went into Vegas to see her that day, and ended up going for it! It was definitely the best deal we'd seen, and I've been incredibly pleased with her so far!! She's so cute!

You can see the old Jeep in the back hiding behind a tree... and no, we have not rejected him. He's just a little more shy than Nikki. I feel a little rude just referring to him as "the old Jeep" now, but since he's not mine I don't really have authority to name him. So ya know... what can ya do?

In other news... I turned 17! We drove to Riverside Monday (my birthday) and got to hang out with Caleb for the day, and part of Tuesday. We went to Red Robin, saw a movie, went shopping, and looked at some Christmas lights. Tuesday morning we ate at Ihop and got Jamba Juice. It was great!

Mostly, I just thought these elves were so cute...wait no... That's not it. Haha, but it was a good photo op. At least that's what the sign said. (Okay, that's not technically what it said, but that's what it implied!) Those guys actually freaked me out a little bit. They were moving, and I'm fairly certain they would have grabbed me had I not leaped out of the bench once the picture was taken. It was at the place we were walking around looking at Christmas lights. It was really cold! We had a great time though!

Monday, November 17, 2008

High Speed Internet!

As of last Friday we have high speed internet at the house!! It's amazingly fabulous!!! I actually loaded TWO pictures in one sitting!
The long absences between posts make it difficult to think of what to tell... Things in Pahrump have been fine. Not a lot to be told, I guess, other than school. Haha! Caleb was here last weekend and we got to go into Vegas to see Quantum of Solace which was cool. We had a gift card for Red Lobster too, so we went there after the movie so it was a fun day!
Let's see...what else? Um...I've been kinda looking for a car! That's pretty exciting! We were hoping to find a Hundai Accent but so far haven't seen one that was nice and fit the price range. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
These pictures are a couple weeks old, but I think Caleb wanted me to post them and I'd hate to have a post with no pictures. So here they are!

Friday, August 01, 2008


I got my driver's license on Wednesday!!! And it's pretty dang exciting, let me tell ya. :) Okay, so I haven't actually driven since I got it, but it's not a huge deal. The main thing is that we get to go to Redding next week!! For those of you who don't already know, Caleb and I will be joining our siblings, their spouses, and Emily for family camp over on the California coast. And since it will only be Caleb and me, my getting my license was necessary in order for us to make the ten hour drive. (I guess I could have forced it all on Caleb, but there are those who don't think that's such a great idea...) But anyway, I do have it now and Caleb and I are super stoked to see y'all!!! That's pretty much the only reason for this post, so I guess I will wrap it up. I believe y'all are already familiar with my distaste for pictureless posts, so I think I'll try to load one of Daisy and me from our last geocaching trip. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dial Up

Okay, okay, so we don't really have dial up internet, but it sure feels that way with the way it's been moving lately. It's pretty ridiculous- hence the lack of pictures.
Our summer has been going along swimmingly. I think we've actually taken fewer trips this year than we usually do, but it's been nice to hang out at home... ya know, chillin' with Daisy, going swimming... all that goodness. There have been a couple trips though. The most recent was a camping trip to the coast with the youth group. We went to McGrath state beach (near Oxnard) and stayed Wednesday through Sunday. (We got home a week ago yesterday.) It was a blast! I think that may have been the best ocean swimming Caleb and I have ever enjoyed! We got to do some boogie boarding, and try skim boarding, which we hadn't ever done before. Caleb was really good at it! On the second day I tripped on a skim board (when I was trying to be nice and pick it up) and would have done a face plant in the water had I not stuck my hands out to save myself. Unfortunately in doing so, I shoved my super nice digital camera into the ocean water. Brenda, if you read this, the adorable strap you gave me worked great! If only it had been a matter of dropping it... So yeah, my camera is dead. It took some doing, but I managed not to let that ruin the rest of the trip, and we had a fabulous time.
Our next trip (assuming I am able to get my license at the end of this month) will be another coastal camping trip, only this time it will be even better because we're going with family!
Can't wait to see you Emily!!! Oh yeah, or y'all Zachary, Brenda, Katie, and Justin!!!! =)

Oh, fine. I'll try to load a picture. The post just seems so boring without one.There you go. =)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Conference and Family

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Chloe and me

Another group picture of Caleb and me and our conference buddies

Mark (with his back turned), Caleb, and Josh playing mini golf at the boardwalk

Caleb, Spencer, and me in the ocean at the boardwalk

Katie and me freezing in the wind at a geocache somewhere around Trinidad

I was gonna put more pictures, but I'm afraid this post isn't even gonna work because our internet has been wacky lately, so you'll just have to wait and maybe I'll get it to work later. :)